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A token designed to empower the APT20 community

Launched in 2022, APT20 tokens (TRC20) pioneered the decentralized model and are the most widely traded. APT20 tokens offer the stability and simplicity of fiat currencies coupled with the innovative nature of blockchain technology, representing a perfect combination of both worlds.

Unparalleled liquidity

APT20 tokens are among the most traded tokens in terms of daily volume, offering unequalled liquidity.


Widespread Adoption

From exchanges and digital wallet apps to decentralised finance (DeFi) protocols and payment services, offer a smart alternative.

Fully transparent

APT20 tokens’ issued and reserve assets are publicly available and updated.


Driving the Future of Money

APT20 tokens are the most widely adopted stablecoins, having pioneered the concept in the digital token space. A disruptor to the conventional financial system and a trailblazer in the digital use of traditional currencies.


100% backed and fully transparent

All APT20 tokens (TRC20) are pegged at 1-to-1 with a matching fiat currency and are backed 100% by APT20’s reserves. We publish a daily record of the current total assets and reserves.

Widespread adoption

From being the first, to the most used, and one of the most traded tokens by volume, APT20 tokens have come a long way.

Widespread Adoption

From exchanges and digital wallet apps to decentralised finance (DeFi) protocols and payment services offer a smart alternative.


APT20 maintains world-class standardised compliance measures for anti-money laundering, sanctions, and know your customer laws and regulations.

Asset Safely

Through a set of Mnemonics & Passcodes, you are the only one in control of your asset We only render the safest way to store crypto asset by leading security technology

Determine the future of the virtual world

The first fully decentralized world, Decentraland is controlled via the APT20, which owns the most important smart contracts and assets of Decentraland. Via the APT20, you decide and vote on how the world works.